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Working out is great for your body and overall health.  The stresses of working out can cause a build-up of toxins in your body, while also increasing stress and tension in your muscles.

A Workout Massage targets the muscles used in your workout to promote blood flow to the areas affected.  Ultimately this encourages recovery and helps reduce inflammation, stiffness and assists in toxin flushing.

Enjoy a spa-level massage that works on your problem areas. Only $40 for 50-minutes.
Swedish Massage - 50 minutes
50 min

Whether you enjoy working out with free weights, riding an elliptical machine, doing a spin class or working on your body through yoga, the muscles you engage and use will get stressed.  Part of what makes a muscle grow is the stressing of them. 

What you have to ensure is that there is plenty of rest after you perform your workout to allow the muscle fibers to recover.  Part of that is by making sure you stay hydrated.  The other part of recovery that can help tremendously to speed up the process is to engage in a workout massage.  Getting a massage that is tailored for your workout routine will push more blood in and out of the muscle groups you have utilized during your workout.  A good tissue massage will also expedite the release of toxins from the muscle fibers so they can be flushed from your system.

Recovery in training is an article from the University of New Mexico one should read.  It points out the other benefit of massage therapy on sport workout recovery is also the effect on the reduction of muscle soreness.  This alone can be a dramatic psychological effect on an athlete in recovery.

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