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How To Pick The Right Massage School

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

You've made the decision to become a certified massage therapist. That's a big step towards establishing a career in a field that can give you a lifetime of satisfaction and financial stability. Now you have to make a decision on where to attend school for the 500 hour program that you must take in order to become a licensed massage therapist. Part of what school should teach you at the end is how to make great decisions. You haven't gone through school yet so this article will give you some guidance on the factors you should consider when making this important decision.

It seems like a small matter. It is just a decision after all, but the decision on where to attend massage therapy school will have implications on your future success. There are 3 primary factors you should take into account when making your massage school choice. Each of those will lead to questions to ask yourself. Questioning and being inquisitive, after all, is the best way to get to the best decision. Let's start the process of breaking it down.

1. Location

Seems simple but not necessarily for all. You have choices on where physically you should go to massage school and complete your education. The facilities should be nice, easy to get to and should be in a city that you would want to live and start a career. Many graduates after school don't relocate to another city. Ask yourself:

"Are the facilities new?"

"Are they clean?"

"Can I see myself sitting in the classroom for classes?"

"Would I want to live in this city after I graduate?"

2. Quality of Education

Another obvious one. There are many massage schools that are open that do not necessarily have the credentials to be in the instruction business. You should analyze what the background of the personnel are that have created and designed the instruction. What is their educational background?

The classes that are taught at massage schools are all pretty much the same classes. They use a lot of the same text books. Anatomy is Anatomy after all. The MAIN DIFFERENCE in what you will learn is what else they teach. One of the primary focuses at the Austin Massage Academy is to ensure there is a business slant to all the materials that are taught and to instruct how to make great decisions. No matter whether you want to open your own business or work for a spa, understanding how to make great decisions and understanding how marketing and money works will enable you to build your clients and your wealth.

3. Quality of Life

Life after graduation should be great. Will the massage school you attend give you the network and access to enable you to become great? Will the school give you the tools you need to be successful?

You are making a commitment to go to massage school to become a licensed massage therapist. The next six months of your life will be filled with work and study. You will make that sacrifice to ensure that you have a better life...

Make sure you make the right decision and choose a school that give you the best chance to have a GREAT life!


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