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Enjoy a spa-level massage that works on your problem areas. Only $40 for 50-minutes.
Swedish Massage - 50 minutes
50 min
Enjoy a spa-level massage that works on your problem areas. Only $60 for 80-minutes.
Swedish Massage - 80 minutes
1 hr 20 min
Couples Massage
50 min  |  $80.00

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Austin Massage Academy Massage Clinic Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy:
  • The Student Massage Clinic requires at least a 24-hour advance notice to change, reschedule or cancel an appointment.  Failure to provide notice within this time frame will result in the full appointment fee being assessed.

  • Due to state and school regulations, massage clients who are 15 minutes or more late to their scheduled time will not be able to receive a massage.  These clients will still owe the full appointment fee.

  • If a situation arises the Austin Massage Academy clinic may cancel a massage appointment with just reason at any time and with as much advanced notice as possible.

Austin Massage Academy Massage Clinic Procedural Policy:
  • The fee for each appointment is $40.  This is for an hour of time which includes time before and after massage to get  ready and dressed after.  Actual massage time may be less than 60 minutes.  The fee must be paid prior to the appointment in the form of cash and debit or credit card.  Personal checks are not accepted.

  • Student Massage Clients should arrive at least 15 minutes early for their appointment in order to process any payment and required paperwork, if any.

  • Draping will be used at all times during each massage.  You may dress down to your own comfort level.

  • The treatment provided is a full-body massage, unless requested otherwise.  Breasts and genitalia will not be massaged.

  • The massage therapy session does not provide diagnosis or treatment of any condition.  It is not a substitute for medical care.  Any person that has a medical diagnosis that prohibits them from receiving massage should refrain from booking an appointment.

  • The massage session may be promptly terminated at any time and for any reason by either the student massage therapist or the client.  In the event a session is terminated on either therapist or clients end does not automatically entitle the massage client to reimbursement or other compensation.  Each situation will be handled individually.

  • All clients must be at least 18 years of age or older.

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