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Massage School FAQ

Frequently Asked Question About Attending Massage School

How long does the program take to complete?

The program is 500 hours.  Depending on the schedule of the program you choose, it can be completed in about 27  weeks.

What career options do I have by becoming a massage therapist?

A licensed massage therapist has many career options after they graduate.  Some of the career choices you can go into include: becoming an independent business owner, working for a spa, or practicing as a sports massage therapist.  Part of what sets the Austin Massage Academy apart is the focus we put on business to ensure you have the life skills to be successful in whatever direction you choose to go.

What is the age range of massage therapy students?

A career in massage can be fulfilling and one that you can do well into your years.  It doesn't matter whether you are 18 and just graduated high school or are middle aged and looking for something to do late in your career, massage school can be right for you.

What are the qualifications of my professors?

The Austin Massage Academy program is a world-class education.  Our instructors are some of the most qualified in the entire country.  You could be instructed in classes by a licensed nurse, an MBA, a Stanford graduate in Medical Anthropology, or you may be in a class taught by a PhD. that did their Post Doc Fellowship at the Mayo Clinic.

No matter who is teaching a particular class, the curriculum will be second-to-none.

How much does the program cost?

The massage therapy program is competitively priced with any offering in the Austin area or the state of Texas.  You can find more information about the cost of becoming a massage student here

What are the qualifications to enroll?

The good news is there are very few qualifications to enter into a massage therapy educational program.  You must be a high school graduate or equivalent.  You must be able to demonstrate proficiency in order to read and write.  Other than that, one must do a tour of the facility and then enroll.  

Is there financing available for helping with the cost of tuition?

Yes.  We offer financing assistance for students requiring that service in order to help with their tuition costs.

Do I have to do the massage classes during the day?  I work and need a flexible schedule.

The Austin Massage Academy has many offerings, including classes that run during the day and evening &  weekend classes.  No matter your schedule you can find a massage therapy program here that meets your schedule and needs.

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