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A Complete Program

The Austin Massage Academy has incredible value.

Becoming a licensed massage therapist will provide you with options for creating a career you can be proud of.


When it comes to choosing the school where to complete your massage therapy education, you also have options.


You should choose a school that will teach you how to be a massage therapist and prepare you for passing the national licensing exam, the MBLEx, but most importantly, you should choose a school for making your career as great as it can be.

You should choose Austin Massage Academy.

Why does the Austin Massage Academy give you an advantage?  There are many reasons but the three you should care most about when choosing a massage school are clear.

1. The curriculum set in our program is one dedicated on your career and has a business-minded focus. 

Any school can educate you on the materials required by the state in order to become a licensed massage therapist and teach the art of massage. 

The Austin Massage Academy does that at a high-level, but we are different in that we instruct with a concentration on giving you the skills to be successful in the business of massage.

No matter whether you are working for a spa or charting a path as a business owner, understanding how money and marketing works will give you the tools to grow your clients and your wealth.

2. Besides the content of education being unsurpassed, those providing the training at the Austin Massage Academy are the finest you will find.  Our instructors have decades of experience and real-world business capability. 

No matter who is teaching your classes, you can be assured they are extremely qualified.

What does that mean for you?  It means those that are helping you understand the topics you are learning will do so at the deepest level, because they can pass along knowledge from some of the best educators in the world.

3. The leadership of the Austin Massage Academy have extensive massage and business experience. They are well-connected and have experience building a network.  That is what you will get as an alumnus of the Austin Massage Academy.  A network that you can rely on to support you through all the decisions you make.

You will have many decisions over time.  Choosing the right massage school to attend is one that will impact the quality of your education and your future well-being. 

The Austin Massage Academy will give you the life skills to analyze and make great decisions, and to succeed. 


Make the first of many correct decisions and decide to enroll in the Austin Massage Academy today.


Your future success is waiting.

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