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A couples massage is the perfect way to get massages for two people at the same appointment time. Whether it's for you and your significant other or just two friends wan...
Couples Swedish Massage
50 min

Student Massage Clinic For Two

The Austin Massage Academy now offers a Couples Massage in our Student Massage Clinic

Whether you are having a romantic day of rest and relaxation with you and your significant other or whether you are having a girl's day out complete with shopping and dining, a massage is the perfect compliment to your day.  You can book an appointment where there are two massage tables next to each other so you can save time and enjoy your relaxing massage together at the same time.

The Austin Massage Academy Student Clinic allows our students which are studying to become LMTs, licensed massage therapists, fulfill the required hours they must complete in order to go off on their own to open their own spa or go to work at some of the best massage spas in Austin, Texas.  Either way, you coming in to get a luxurious treatment not only will help make your day a better one, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that there are students that are being helped by getting real-world experience and honing their craft as a massage therapist.

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13091 Pond Springs Road, Suite 400

Austin, Texas 78729



13091 Pond Springs Road, Suite 400

Austin, Texas 78729


(512) 387-3003


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